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throwbee® Pet Poncho - Blue

throwbee® Pet Poncho - Blue

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Introducing the THROWBEE PET-PONCHO, from the creators of the original THROWBEE Blanket-Poncho, "the best wearable blanket on the planet!" Super softness, warmth, and comfort of the THROWBEE wrapped around your furry best friend. The throwbee pet-poncho can even ease your pet's anxiety during thunder storms with this hug of comfort reducing the animal's stress. Designed with the highest quality standards, we deliver fashion, function, and durability. Machine washable too! :-)

 Features: Adjustable velcro straps around neck and body as well as convenient harness leash access opening.

SIZE Weight (lbs) Neck (in) Chest (in)  Length (in)
XXS 2-4 lbs 6-8 in 9-13 in 7-10 in
XS 5-11 lbs 7-10 in 12-16 in 9-13 in
S 10-16 lbs 9-12 in 16-21 in 13-16 in
M 15-31 lbs 10-15 in 20-26 in 15-19 in
L 25-43 lbs 12-18 in 23-29 in 17-21 in
XL 40-65 lbs 17-22 in 25-32 in 20-29 in
XXL 60-115 lbs 20-23 in 31-38 in 25-30 in