Our giving promise. 

With each product you buy, Kona Benellie gives a shelter dog a blanket. Your comfort becomes their comfort and impacts the life of a dog forever.  Through your purchases, Kona Benellie has given thousands and thousands of new shelter blankets to animal shelters and rescues throughout the country.

WHY we give

Shelter life for a dog is stressful and concrete floors can be cold and unforgiving. Our blankets instantly provide physical and emotional comfort and warmth allowing these precious pups to feel safer and more relaxed. A relaxed dog is able to show his/her true personality and become more adoptable getting them into loving homes quicker... ultimately even saving their lives from euthanization. 


WHERE we give

NATIONWIDE. :-) At the bottom of this page, see a list of the rescues and shelters we give to and be sure to visit them if you are in the area.

WHAT we give

What is this 'blanket' that is donated to shelter dogs?? Is it a Throwbee? Nope. Is it a Kona Pet Blanket? Nope. It's a "Shelter Blanket" specifically designed by our team to serve the particular needs of rescue organizations, shelters, and the animal in their care. Our shelter blankets that we donate not only give the animals comfort as they await forever homes, but also to bring more colorful appeal to the shelter environment as potential adopters visit hopefully increasing the chances of a wonderful pup being adopted.


What does this mean to the shelter dogs themselves? 

  • Gives these pups a sense of calming security, something that they can call their own
  • Provides insulation from the hard floor both in winter and in summer
  • Cushions joints and bones, also aids in injury recovery
  • Controls the spread of hair, dirt, and dander

A bit about the science and design of our "Shelter Blanket":

  • A brand new colorful fleece blanket that brings much needed comfort and warmth to shelter animals
  • A durable fleece that can withstand the high heat of industrial washing machines and dryers commonly used by animal organizations
  • A generous size that is large enough to accommodate big dogs yet compact enough to store in closets, on shelves, or in rescue vehicles.
  • Created in calming colors specifically blue, purple, and pink
    which register as soothing shades of blue to a dog's visual capabilities. While dogs are not capable of seeing ALL colors, they are capable of seeing different shades of blues, yellows, and grays. Being conscious of what colors we place in animal surroundings, the shelter blanket colors we chose encourage relaxation, tranquility, and calm. See below.


How it happens - it all begins with your purchase

  1. Every time you buy a Kona Benellie product, a shelter dog is helped. The more THROWBEEs (for people) and/or KONA PET BLANKETS (for pets) you buy, the more shelter blankets we give. 
  2. Then our Giving Team works with animal shelters and rescues across the nation to assess their needs, ensure that they are a no-kill organization, and plan logistics for the shelter blanket delivery. We love to make as many deliveries in-person which we call a Giving Trip.
  3. Our GIVING TRIPs are heartwarming. It's a unique opportunity to visit with the staff, volunteers, and animals of the shelter while learning, contributing, and experiencing what goes on there on a daily basis. Spending time with the precious animals and seeing how they respond to their new blankets is the best! We always invite kids to join us on Giving Trips so they can experience hands-on kindness and inspire the younger generation to give back in ways that matters.


Here is the detailed list of WHERE we give:

  • Best Friends LA
    • Dumb Friends League in Denver
      • Animal Aid USA Georgia
      • Animal Refuge Foundation of Wayne County GA
      • Bark Blueberry Animal Rescue
      • Brantley Animal Rescue Coalition
      • Carpathian Paws
      • Dublin Laurens County Humane Society
      • Murray County Humane Society
      • Puppies and More Rescue
      • and other rescues, shelters, and fosters associated with Animal Aid USA


      • Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


      • Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans
        New York
        • North Shore Animal League
        • Best Friends NYC
        • Catskill Animal Shelter
        • Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF)
        • Animal Haven NYC
          New Jersey
          • SAVE in Princeton
          • Popcorn Zoo & Rescue/Sanctuary
          • Monmouth County SPCA
          • Home Free in Red Bank
          • Animal Aid USA
            • Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)'s special initiative called The Humane State in Oklahoma
              • DVGRR Deleware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
                • Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
                  • Best Friends in UT

                    and many more.      




                     You, our customers, are the ones that help make the difference. It is though your purchases that we are able to deliver comfort to shelter dogs. Thank you for loving our throwbee and Kona Pet Blanket and for being part of our heartwarming mission.