FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. As a result of your purchases, we donate blankets to shelter dogs in need. Your comfort becomes their comfort.™

Our Story - Comfort, Kindness, and Shelter Dogs


Hello. I am Jessica Mashkevich, Founder and Chief Comfort Officer of Kona Benellie®. I created my company Kona Benellie in 2010 armed with only a scissor and a desire to improve lives through versatile comfort. On a shoe string budget while managing a family and a full-time job, I entered the world of innovation, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retail, breaking through barriers with determination to bring my great products to the public. My signature products are the OmniRobe, the THROWBEE® blanket-poncho, and the Kona Pet Blanket which have appeared on the TODAY Show, QVC, The View, Parade Magazine, and more.

People love softness, comfort, versatility and convenience. My objective is to bring out the best in familiar comfort items AND THEN MAKE THEM EVEN BETTER. That’s why I created the "THROWBEE® blanket-poncho" to give people the comfort, convenience and versatility they needed and to solve the problems of other wearable blankets. The THROWBEE is now known as "the best wearable blanket on the planet!" :-) As a true blanket that converts into a wearable poncho, the THROWBEE is a great simple solution for chilly moments at home, in the office, or on the field. It covers you front and back while keeping your hands free! The THROWBEE is fun, fashionable, and super convenient to people of all ages. It even allows people to save additional $ on heating bills since you can keep the house cooler as you stay comfy in your throwbee. But beyond that, it’s a brand that combines comfort and kindness – as a result of our customer purchases, Kona Benellie gives back to help comfort shelter dogs as they await a forever home.

 During the spring of 2014, while visiting a local animal shelter, I noticed that the shelter dogs had very little to bring them comfort and security. Shelter life is stressful and concrete floors can be cold and unforgiving. I discovered that blankets are at the top of shelter wish lists nationwide and instantly I knew that this is where I can help make a difference. That day, I evolved my comfort-focused company into a social enterprise that connects our customers purchases with a new blanket to be given to a shelter dog in need. Our shelter blankets would instantly bring the shelter dogs comfort and warmth as they await their forever home. Since that day, we have donated over 20,000 new shelter blankets nationwide to the homeless dogs (and cats) in rescues and shelters large and small. But the journey has only just begun. Over 7 million animals enter into shelters nationwide each year; my company and our customers can help change their world. We have great products and a great mission.

 We are proud to be setting a good example for the younger generation as a customer-focused business that gives back. I am passionate about teaching kids how to achieve this while inspiring and empowering them. The 'learn by doing'. We invite kids and their parents to join us on 'blanket giving trips' so they can experience hands-on kindness and giving - a feeling that stays with them forever and encourages them to help make a difference in an area that is personally meaningful them. 

Our customers help make a difference every day with every purchase they make. Our story of giving becomes your story of giving and impacts the life of a shelter dog forever.  Comfort for All - People, Pets, and Shelter dogs. 

 Your comfort becomes their comfort.

 We are woman-owned family business that improves lives through comfort.

-- Jessica Mashkevich

Founder and Chief Comfort Officer of Kona Benellie