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Microdosing Motivation

I don’t know about you but I wake up every day needing my fix. Motivational podcasts are my thing. This gets my engine revving but I am the type of person to make sure that ‘rubber meets road’ as my day progresses. I’ll be inspired to post content on social, make super-confident sales pitches, even go to a few garage sales (wink! wink! Gary Vee) scooping up gems to ‘flip’ on eBay.  But I wonder about those folks that just continuously microdose on motivation and inspiration without the plan of ACTION.  Are they just in it for the quick high?

Addicted to microdosing motivational with no action plan to follow? Becoming a self-help junkie can quickly usher you into a comfort zone. It’s like becoming a forever-student. It’s a much safer environment than the real world where doors can get slammed in your face and you can make mistakes. But you are missing out. The rewards can far outweigh the downfalls. Funny thing about downfalls... these are the only things that toughen you up to become stronger for future challenges. For example, take exercise.... your objective is to work your muscles really hard so that after your workout your body repairs the muscle fibers leaving you stronger. A few moments of discomfort lead to greater strength. It’s worth it. (Oops! I think I just delivered a microdose of motivation! LOL!) Circling back to the "self-help junkie" topic, LIMIT your microdosing of motivation to no more than 1 hour per day - that includes all of the 3 minute clips + 28 minute podcasts + etc.

Who’s your dealer? From whom are you getting your fix? Almost every post on LinkedIn is someone trying to inspire others with a quick video filmed in an office or a live action shot of them walking a city street. There was a time when I would only take advice from someone I knew, trusted, and most importantly respected. Now it seems we open ourselves up to taking advice from anyone who offers it no matter what experience, age, or skill set. If you’re looking for advice, you’ll find no shortage of it. BE DISCERNING, yet open-minded. Select up to 3 main motivational people and stick with those for a month for no more than ONE hour a day total. Then you can swap out one or more of those 3 gurus to welcome a different motivational person each month if you’d like. The main goal is to set limits on your listening to provide more time for your 'DO'ing'.

So get out there and DO SOMETHING. Let your microdose of motivation inspire you to actively make a micro-change. Take ONE tidbit of anything you’ve learned from any of your motivational peeps and put it into action TODAY. RIGHT NOW. Just one a day.

You’re welcome. 😉