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Kindness in the Catskills

Kindness in the Catskills

When we say that our Kona Benellie mission is to bring comfort to shelter dogs ...  boy oh boy .... this is certainly exemplified by my cousin Mara Resnick who carried out our recent blanket donation to our hometown shelter, the Sullivan County SPCA in upstate NY (the foothills of the Catskills). Every few months I head upstate to visit my family. Last month's visit was coupled with a "giving trip" to donate shelter blankets to the pups of our Sullivan County SPCA but unfortunately their doors were locked until the following week when I was no longer going to be there. My Aunt Fran, whom I was visiting at the time, mentioned that my cousin Mara is a frequent volunteer at the Sullivan County SPCA and together they will present our shelter blanket donation to the SPCA folks following week. Kindness and compassion run deep in our family and I'm so happy that Mara shares the trait. Cousin Mara is the daughter of Randy Resnick and Michelle Klugman Resnick. She's currently a student at Ithaca College. A smart, beautiful, hard-working, and humble young lady. She told me "I don't really volunteer anymore due to school. I just go there a lot to play with the animals." OMG..I love her!!!! Her 'play with the animals' visits are so wonderful and meaningful to the pups that she plays with. She makes my heart so full with her humble compassion. Thank you Mara. I love you. These are some of the pics she took ... the pups (and cats) loved our blankets and I'm sure they loved all of the hugs from Mara.

Side note: Sullivan County is my home town... foothills of the Catskills - specifically the village of Woodbridge with a population of approximately 900 people, many of to whom I am related. LOL. I grew up in the borscht belt - an area that boasts many famous upstate getaways of the Dirty Dancing era such as The Concord, Kutshers, The Pines, Grossingers, The Brickman and more. Giving back to help shelter animals in my hometown is near and dear to my heart. As always, thank you to our customers and to our caring ambassadors for making that happen. <3 

All the best,

--Jess, founder and chief comfort officer of Kona Benellie

With each item our customers buy, we give a shelter dog a blanket. One for one. Your comfort becomes their comfort.