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Kona Benellie’s contest reveals a TRUE WINNER - a 12 yr old named Ivan

(article written by Ellie, our 12 year old staff writer) 

Most people think of our generation as selfish, conceited, entitled little kids. People believe that all we care about is ourselves and our phones. But that's not actually the case - most of the time. A 12-year-old boy named Ivan showed everyone that there’s more to us kids than what people think. Ivan recently won Kona Benellie's's free throwbee contest. From this win, he would be able to get a brand new throwbee of any color that he desired. Ivan loves throwbees and has one that was ruined by pen ink a little while back. So this win of his means that he can have a new throwbee to replace his old one. But that's not what he did. Instead of keeping this reward for himself, he decided to give it to his previous fifth grade teacher who was ill and can use it more than he could. He wanted to give her comfort.

This simple act of kindness is what my mom’s company Kona Benellie tries to inspire in kids and parents. I go to school with Ivan and I know him enough to see that he is a good person inside and out. He is always giving the teachers complements and telling them little things that could brighten their day. There is a greater good in us kids, greater then you might think.