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Kona Benellie comforts animals of domestic violence

Kona Benellie recently sent hundreds of our shelter blankets to a "special organization" that provides safe haven to victims of domestic abuse and their pets. I've highlighted the words 'and their pets' because it's important to know that this "special organization" is one of the few nationwide
 that allows domestic violence survivors to co-shelter with their pets. We hope that more domestic violence shelters across the nation will open their doors to family pets so everyone in the family can escape the abuse. For now, we will do what we can here at Kona Benellie to comfort the pets that have found safe haven. 

“He would put my cat in the microwave and tie him up with twine if I didn’t come straight home from work.” - victim

“He kicked and choked the dog. He also threatened to kill the dog.” - victim

There is a disturbing link between animal abuse and domestic violence. If you see something, say something. Signs of animal abuse can start in childhood. Early intervention is vital.

Did you know that as many as 48% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations because they don’t want to leave their pet behind. Since there are very few domestic violence shelters in the U.S. that allow survivors to co-shelter (live with their pets in a shelter apartment), many survivors have to face the nearly impossible choice of abandoning their pets or entering a shelter, forcing many survivors to stay in abusive situations and risk their own lives rather than separating from their pets.

About Kona Benellie: Kona Benellie is a social enterprise that brings comfort to people, pets, and shelter dogs. Our versatile comfort products include the Throwbee blanket-poncho (for people), the Kona Pet Blanket (for household pets). As a result of your purchases, we donate blankets to shelter dogs in need. Your comfort becomes their comfort.™ We have donated thousands of shelter blankets across the nation and continue to bring comfort to many homeless dogs as they await their forever home. Our powerful business model helps inspire others to make a difference in a way that's meaningful to them. Learn more about Our Story and our founder.