FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. As a result of your purchases, we donate blankets to shelter dogs in need. Your comfort becomes their comfort.™

About The "Shelter Blanket" We Give

What is this donated blanket that Kona Benellie gives to shelter dogs?

Our commitment is that With each Throwbee or Kona Pet Blanket you buy, we give a shelter dog a blanket. But what does that mean? What is this donated blanket that's given to shelter dogs? Is it a throwbee? Is it a Kona Pet Blanket? Nope. It's a "Shelter Blanket". The "Shelter Blanket", as we refer to it, is different from the "THROWBEE" (for people) and "KONA PET BLANKET" (for pets) that you purchase. The "Shelter Blanket" that we donate is specifically designed by our team to serve the needs of shelter animals and animal organizations. 

The "Shelter Blanket" is:

  • A brand new colorful fleece blanket that brings much needed comfort and warmth to shelter animals
  • A durable fleece that can withstand the high heat of industrial washing machines and dryers commonly used by animal organizations
  • A generous size that is large enough to accommodate big dogs yet compact enough to store in closets, on shelves, or in rescue vehicles. The "Shelter Blankets" are 50"x50" or 50"x40".
  • Created in calming colors specifically blue, purple, and pink which register as soothing shades of blue to a dog's visual capabilities. While dogs are not capable of seeing ALL colors, they are capable of seeing different shades of blues, yellows, and grays. Being conscious of what colors we place in animal surroundings, the shelter blanket colors we chose encourage relaxation, tranquility, and calm. See below.


Our customers are the ones that help make the difference. It is though your purchases that we are able to deliver these gifts of comfort to shelter dogs. Thank you for loving our throwbee and Kona Pet Blanket and for being part of our heartwarming mission.