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A/C freezing you out? Warm up with a THROWBEE. A Cornell University study agrees!

Is your home or office chilly?
Your productivity is suffering more than you think.

 Cornell University conducted a study of people when indoor temperatures were low. Turns out that when people are chilly, they are half as productive as when they are warm and cozy. Cold people were not only uncomfortable, they were also distracted. When our body temperature drops, we expend energy to keep ourselves warm, making less energy available for concentration, inspiration, and productivity.

Sounds like many people can really use a THROWBEE! A Cornell University study and THROWBEE both agree - stay warm and be productive.
AND, take comfort knowing that 
we, at Kona Benellie, Give Back to comfort Shelter Dogs
As a result of your purchases, we give blankets to shelter dogs in need. One shelter manager wrote, "Your shelter blankets mean so much. They help relieve our dogs' stress and even aid in recovery from surgery. Thank you for keeping our dogs comfortable as they wait for a forever home." 
See more of the precious shelter dogs we've comforted and why we do what we do.