FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. As a result of your purchases, we donate blankets to shelter dogs in need. Your comfort becomes their comfort.™

Shelter goldens take comfort in our shelter blankets - giving back feels good.

To all of our customers, here's a few pics of the comfort we've brought to rescue dogs with our shelter blankets. These are pups of DVGRR (Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue) and these furry beauties would not be alive without DVGRR. Thank you DVGRR for all that you do. <3 We here at Kona Benellie have donated thousands of blankets to shelter pups all across the country (North Shore Animal League AmericaBest Friends Animal Society - Los AngelesBest Friends Animal Society - Utah, Best Friends Animal Society - New York City, Popcorn Park Humane Society & Zoo Rescue, Animal Aid USA, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc., Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, Villalobos Rescue Center, and more!!!) and it warms our hearts to comfort these precious souls as they await a forever home. A big thank you to our customers for helping make it happen!! ?❤️??❤️ 
--Jess, chief comfort officer and founder of Kona Benellie
With each item you buy, we give a shelter dog a blanket. One for one.