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Fire Chief Brian Soller, volunteer fire fighter for 30 yrs, and Jess Mashkevich talk fire, fitness, and future.

In the latest episode of ONE TAKE WITH JESS, I chatted with Fire Chief Brian Soller - a volunteer fire fighter for 30 years. About 6 years ago, while still maintaining his lean body, he recognized that his cardiovascular health was not up to par. His father's heart attack was the turning point that launched him into the world of fitness. He initiated his fitness journey with a Craigslist purchase and an exchange of cash in a parking lot where he scored his first Beach Body DVD. His social media became inspirational content as he posted his workouts for all to see. He is an advocate for overall fire fighter fitness in an effort to reduce the high number of heart attack deaths amongst his Brothers. He created a podcast called The Professional Volunteer The Professional Volunteer that discusses a variety of first-responder topics helping to bridge the gap between career fire fighters and volunteer fire fighters. (Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to "One Take with Jess" on YouTube and on your Podcast app.)